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Hire your own trained Virtual Assistant that gives you freedom. Delegate your non-essential tasks and focus on core functions of your business easily.

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Assistant On The Go is your Strategic Partner for your Operational Solutions. Repetitive and non-core tasks are tiring and boring. You can get one of our best talents to do this for you while you focus on more essential tasks, or perhaps, be with your family and have a quality time together.

Repetitive and non-core tasks? If you find yourself wasting most of your time in doing time consuming tasks, worry no more. We’ll handle these tasks for you efficiently so you can freely focus on more essential tasks.

We take pride in our approach, our values and our experience.




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We pay attention to any task given to us. To be always quick and responsive to e-mails, requests or any task given to us are our main qualities as a Virtual Assistant.


You can always be assured that you hire a Virtual Assistant that is ethical, trustworthy and discreet. We guarantee this through our Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Attention To Detail

You don’t want your VA to have any careless mistakes that represents you and your business. We pride ourselves to deliver the highest standard of services you could ask for.

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for Booked+Busy Professionals

Your Strategic Partner for your Operational Solutions

Efficient Allocation of Resources

Generate a better cost savings and moderate risks as you only pay a VA per productivite hour with no incremental costs in internet, rent, and utilities becaused these are his or her expenses.

Better Productivity

Delegate non-essential tasks and have more time to attend to the core functions of your business. 

Flexibility in Operations

Guaranteed flexibility of the VA’s schedule. If you require an 8 hour shift per day, you can hire 2 VAs instead of 1 to maintain quality of work and decrease fatigue. If your business requires working beyond the working hours, a VA is a solution to the problem. 

Reduced Levels of Stresses
Admit it, entrepreneurs have little appreciation for the value of rest and relaxation. Many do not want to take breaks because they view it as missing out on opportunities.
The only time they realize the value of rest is when they start having health issues. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Your business is an investment that you have to grow. But without rest, the levels of stress can reach dangerously risky levels.
By delegating non-essential tasks to your #virtualassistant, you’re not only taking care of your body but you also have more time to attend to the core functions of your business. 
Save Time. Learn New Skills

By delegating your non-core tasks, you’ll automatically saving your precious time. You can then spend it on either the core functions of your business or even taking care of your family or go on a vacation while keeping your business running. 

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Tell us something about your business and we’ll provide you with the best recommendations that would allow you to take a step back with the time-consuming tasks and freely focus on the more essential ones.

Ask AOG how we can save your time and money while making your business journey easier day to day.


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