About AOG

Assistant On The Go is your strategic partner for your operational solutions. The objective is to provide you the freedom while making you more productive. Whether you are looking for help with your work tasks or personal to-dos, AOG have the skills and expertise to deal any challenge. See below for the small sample of tasks that AOG can support.

Everyday workflow tasks

We Specialize In

Calendar Management

      • Handle scheduling requests
      • Coordinate internal and external scheduling
      • Organize one-time and recurring events
      • Manage cancellations and rescheduling

Email Management

      • Triage and categorize inbox
      • Draft and send message replies
      • Send reminders for important message replies
      • Unsubscribe and clean up unwanted messages

Web Management

      • Add or update posts, pages
      • Manage products
      • On-page SEO
      • Monitor performance and conducts content edits

Online Research

      • Research online for data as per project requirement
      • Collate and compile data into presentable format/databases
      • Generate leads and networking opportunities


      • General project management
      • Save and organize documents
      • Track and pay invoices
      • Manage expense tracking

Content Marketing

      • Re-purposing content
      • Creating and planning content
      • Editing graphics and images
      • Create powerful infographics

Our Mission


To offer clarity through an Operational Consultation supplying at least two processes. To offer Administrative support through Operational Managers and Administrative Assistants who are well trained and ready to walk out the processes.

Our Vision


To provide mutual freedom to booked and busy business owners and support personnel professionals, who need clarity on how to delegate operations in their business and utilize assistance effectively.

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