why Work With Us?


We are an administrative company specializing in booked and busy professionals just like you! We allow you the ability to grow and scale your business and experience true freedom in their business while doing so.


Online Research

Business development is a top priority but researching new products, reading about competitors, etc., is also critical.

E-mail Campaigns

Still, the most effective online marketing strategy as people read e-mails regularly. Get the results that you want with a VA.


Basic Bookeeping

Tracking your income, expenses and disbursements are very important in every business. Let us organize them for you and have an easy access whenever you need them.

Content Strategy

Blogging is the centerpiece of a content marketing process. Hire a VA that can create a content that’s relevant, fresh, unique and engaging for you.

Digital Marketing

Let us gather and determine the right audiences for your ad campaigns and maximize the engagement and impact. 

Schedule Management

Let us keep track of your focus time, organize your appointments and remind you to prepare ahead of time. We’ll make sure that you get plenty time to get from place to place.


Active Clients

Successful Clients

Cups of Coffee

Make Your LIFE a Priority.

We’ll take care of your business.

How We Do It?

We develop core operational processes within your business that will immediately be handed off to your assistant.

We translate that Information to your assistant for you so you don’t have to.

We equip our clients with the support they need to truly become entrepreneurs within their business and create a sustainable business model that will last for years to come.

What We Do?

We equip our clients with the support they need to truly become entrepreneurs within their business and create a sustainable business model that will last for years to come. The mantra that we live by and encourage our clients to live by as well Is you cant do it all! Let us show you how to be supported-set It, and forget about it.

Meet the CEO

I started Assistant On The Go In 2017 after nearing the completion of my master’s degree program. I had an epiphany after studying abroad in Europe that many American companies don’t survive their first year In business but European businesses survive and thrive well over their first year. After researching why this was sadly our reality I stumbled upon the solution that answered all of my questions. Thereafter AOG was born.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“AOG provides me with the extra time within the day to follow-up with clients, generate more leads within my business by taking some of the responsibility off of my hands.”

Karimah White – Taste of Perfection

In one word, AOG is Awesome! I needed help with editing my three books. The time I needed to edit my books and meet my deadlines was just not there. I hired AOG and just like that, it was all complete. AOG does a gret job as my AOG! AOG allows me to operate in my gift and AOG took care of everything else.

Ambi Shantay – Ambi Shantay

I can’t say enough about KeAira and her team. They are amazing to work with and took the load right off my plate. I was looking for an assistant that would show up on-site and also work virtually as needed and was having trouble finding the right fit until I met KeAira. She and her team came right on in and made my life easier right from the start.

Sarah Grace – Grace For Today


Welcome to AOG Blog

I'm the CEO and Founder of Assistant On The Go providing various services to entrepreneurs. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personall errands.In the meanwhile, listen to our podcasts as we interview entrepreneurs with their...

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